It’s difficult enough to get the shoes you need if you are an above average size. If you need size 16 shoes for example, it can be near impossible. To those with big feet, both men and women, this will come as not come as a shock! The real surprise is that despite market research showing the average shoe sizes are increasing; it certainly doesn’t appear to be getting any easier to get the large size styles you need.

In all honesty there probably is more choice out there today but someone who buys size 16 shoes is unfortunately still along way of from having the same choice as a size 9 (the UK mens average). While it is certainly a smaller percentage of people who have larger feet, it is surprising not one of the leading footwear manufactures appears to want to tackle this market directly. To mix a couple of clichés, most are seemingly content to dip their toe in the water rather than take the bull by the horns.

While we can feel sorry for everyone who wears size 16 shoes, we should also spare a thought for those people who require specialist shoes to be able to take part in what they enjoy. Climbing shoes, sailing boots, golf shoes, the list goes on. Even at the lower end of the large size scale (size 13 and above) it’s very difficult to get these shoes unless a fortune is paid getting them made to order.

So why isn’t it easier to get large size footwear? Well the difficulty of obtaining any decent statistics is certainly making it difficult to see where the focus on large sizes should be placed. As mentioned earlier, research shows how the national average is growing but it is difficult to get information on what percentage of the population has large size feet. So while those with size 16 shoes may have to wait a little bit longer to get the same choice a size 9, at Walktall we get the best range available to help out the best we can.

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