Why do I have to pay more for my size 13 trainers than I do for a pair of size 8’s from the high street? It’s a question we occasionally get asked at Walktall. We have been accused of overcharging a captive audience, of using our position of having the UK’s widest range of large size footwear to our advantage. Even though it is rare, when people make these remarks to us we genuinely feel aggrieved. We are proud of the relationship we have with our customers and never set out to rip anyone off.

So why does it sometimes cost more for large sizes? Well simply where you notice the price of size 13 trainers is different to smaller sizes; it means we’ve been charged more for the shoes. At Walktall we try to absorb large price surcharges as best we can, in fact Walktall is cheaper than a lot of our competitors because we don’t directly pass on the extra costs to the customer, but we are a business and can’t afford to sell our product at a loss so sometimes the price may be slightly higher than on the high street.

So let’s take it a step back. Why do our suppliers charge more for large size shoes than they do for regular? Well there are a few various reasons but the simplest one is the extra cost of material. Shoe makers buy fabric or leather by the square metre and they calculate the amount of pairs they will be able to get from it. Larger shoes mean less pairs from the material so to recover the costs a large size surcharge is added.

I hope that explains why your size 13 trainers sometimes might cost a little more than their high street cousins, and hopefully convince those few doubters we have out there that Walktall is still the best place to get your large size footwear.

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