If you shop with us then there’s a good chance that you wear large mens shoes. Alternatively you might wear large mens socks, have a hankering for shoe care products or you may even have been told that you need sneaker balls! Chances are however, you wear large mens shoes.

Or do you? Our marketing team here at Walktall look through lots of data to see what makes our customers tick, after all if we aren’t selling large mens shoes we aren’t paying our rent! Part of the data analysis shows us that a good proportion of our customers are female, and as we don’t sell any large size womens products this means one of two things, either there are a lot of women out there with large feet and no option but to buy large mens shoes from us, or more likely, you lot are letting mum’s, wife’s and girlfriends shop for you.

Now there are two different approaches here. The clever amongst you are getting the ladies in your life to buy your large sized mens shoes based on your opinion. You surf the website or check out our flyer then either make noises about which ones you like and get a nice present, or you directly say what you want and it arrives at your door without you having to get off the sofa. This is nearly the perfect way for a man to shop for large mens shoes, nearly.

Another ingenious plan is to let someone else pick your large mens shoes for you. You know the score, you start to complain about how you need new shoes, and then casually mention that Walktall is the only place you like to shop and, (hopefully) the rest takes care of itself. No effort, no fuss. Unfortunately though, while perfect from a lazy man point of view, it does mean you run the risk of getting what someone thinks you want, rather than what you do want.

So there you have it have it, do you check out our extensive range yourself or go for the lazier but ultimately more risky option of having someone choose for you? Well as our website is so easy to use may I suggest a third option? Buy those large mens shoes yourself, have them delivered to work. That way the lady in your life has no idea you’ve bought the large mens shoes, which means you won’t get nagged at for spending money in the pub.

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