Size 17 shoes are certainly toward the upper end of the size spectrum, so naturally there are less people wearing these than there are guys wearing the more common large sizes like 12 or 13. This led us to think, where will these size 17 shoes be spending their time this summer? We’re thinking the more unusual, or certainly different, locations rather than the normal office, pub, work etc.

Here at Walktall towers people are getting very excited about the upcoming Glastonbury festival (it’s just down the road from us). So we may have some size 17 shoes being worn while standing in a field, surrounded by a 100 thousand people watching Metallica, or Dolly Parton. We’ve been trying to tell them they’ll need size 17 wellies instead of size 17 shoes, but that’s mainly because we’re bitter about not getting some tickets.

We expect a lot of size 17 shoes will be at weddings. It’s that time of year where we dress up in suits and either get rained on or sweat to death celebrating the fact another one of our friends will no longer be coming out with the lads. Decent size 17 shoes are a must for these events. An uncomfortable suit is one thing; uncomfortable shoes can ruin your day.

So there are two very different events, (albeit they can both can drag a little during the day, but they also both get better in the evening as you add a beer or two) where we expect to see size 17 shoes. We bet there are more, size 17 shoes skydiving anyone? What about size 17 shoes following the world cup in Rio? At Walktall we have a large, varied range of footwear suitable for many different occasions. So if any of our size 17 shoes are up to anything exciting please let us know.

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