If you wear size 17 shoes, you realise that it can be difficult to find shoes in your size in traditional retail stores. It is frustrating to spend a day shopping only to find nothing in your size.

Some consumers try to avoid this problem by choosing shoes that do not fit correctly. However, this can eventually cause damage to your feet and legs. If you wear shoes that do not fit properly, your entire body will not be properly supported. This can cause leg pain, back pain and strain on both your upper and lower body.

Since it is important to wear shoes that fit properly, it is worth the extra effort to search for size 17 shoes. Some department and specialty stores offer shoes in larger sizes. In retail stores, store personnel can measure your feet to make sure you are buying shoes in the proper size. However, this personalised service often comes with a higher price tag.

If the cost of size 17 shoes is prohibitive, try to buy shoes in the off-season. For instance, the winter season is the perfect time to save money on sandals. You can also save money and find a wider variety of shoes by shopping online.

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