How do you use your large trainers? Are they just for lounging about the house or do you wear them shopping? You might play sports in your large trainers but how often do you do it? You might even go boating in them (although remember to dry them quickly or you’ll need new large trainers sooner than you think!). You might enjoy hiking in them, or even wearing a pair in a pub for a quiet pint or two.

Are trainers the most versatile piece of footwear you own? What other footwear do you own that can do so much? Large trainers can do pretty much anything you want so why do you need to buy anything else? I mean working for a supplier of large size shoes I probably shouldn’t say this but why should you have more than one pair of large trainers?

Large trainers

Well as it turns out there are several reasons. One is those occasions where you need specialist shoes, rugby or golf for example, are times where large size trainers are not that useful. Weddings, christenings and funerals are where large trainers can be worn, but they aren’t appropriate and will probably involve a family member of some type yelling at you. Also if you are a builder you probably will want some kind of safety footwear as dropping heavy things on large trainers will crush your feet.

There are other occasions as well where you will want particular footwear over large trainers. It’s a shame but you can’t get over this problem, you will need other shoes than large trainers. However you are in luck because Walktall sells formal shoes, football boots, safety shoes and much more. We also sell large trainers! So while you might need all types of shoes, you only need to go to one place to get them. Look at that, almost as if I planned it.

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