Football in the sun

The summer is on its way! Our size 15 customers are pulling their size 15 trainers out of the cupboard and starting to think about what to do with them. How many of you have thought about travelling? Hitting the beach or making some good use of those size 15 trainers you just got out of the cupboard, by trekking up and down mountains? Whatever you like to do, it’s definitely good to try and get away for a bit.

So you’ve decided you want to go away for a bit, excellent. The next thing you need to decide is where you want to go to. This really depends on the type of holiday you want to take. Are you the adventurous type who wants a holiday full of hiking, kayaking and wrestling alligators? You might like the laid back holiday on a beach. Sun, sand, surf and girls in bikinis, sound good? You may decide on an educational holiday, visiting historical sites, learning about historical events, then back to your hotel for a little umbrella drink. Your size 15 trainers tend to get more use on these holidays than you would think!

Summer is on its way

What do all the above holidays have in common? Well for a start to enjoy them properly you are going to need great footwear! (See how subtly we tied this in). It’s true you will. For the adventurous amongst you proper size 15 trainers or hiking boots boots will be a must. If you are lazing on the beach you are going to need you size 15 flip flops or sandals, and if you are walking around huge cities a good comfortable pair of size 15 trainers or shoes cannot be missed off your list.

Luckily for you (and hopefully no surprise), you are able to get footwear to cover any and all of these situations at Walktall. We want you to be able to enjoy as many different types of holiday as you can, so we try to supply as big a range of footwear as possible. From size 12 flip flops to size 15 trainers, come and see us before you head off.

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