So you’re a guy with large feet who likes to play. Squash, five-a-side football, even working up a sweat at the gym, it doesn’t matter. You just want to do your best all the time, to do that you need the best kit to do it in. That means your size 12 trainers need to be the best too.

This is where the problem lies for you size 12 guys. Your trainers are available on the high street and you can even pop into your local supermarket and pick a pair up cheaply. Unfortunately this isn’t always the best choice for you or your feet. High street brands often only offer a token choice in size 12 trainers. A small smattering that means you may end up getting something that isn’t suitable for you.

Take running for example, road running means different trainers to off road, beginner means different to experienced, 5k is a different requirement to a marathon. Yet if you buy off the high street you just have to suck it up and take what you can get, which isn’t the best option for getting the best out of your sport. Luckily though there are brands like Walktall. Our sports shoes start with size 12 trainers and we choose our range especially to make sure we cover a wide range of requirements. So there’s yet another reason to buy from Walktall.

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