Are you too embarrassed to take off your trainers in public? Having smelly shoes is a common but avoidable problem. Follow these simple tips to keep your large trainers smelling fresh:

1. Wear trainers that fit you properly. If your footwear is too tight, your feet may sweat more than usual.
2. Your feet start smelling when they get damp. To prevent this, powder them with talc.
3. When it’s sunny outside, give your trainers an airing out.
4. Use odour-control insoles. They can be cut to fit the shape of your shoe.
5. Try popping a Sneaker Balls Shoe Freshener into your trainers when they’re not in use. They contain an anti-bacterial, fungicidal formula that helps destroy odour.
6. Always wear socks. Look for socks with ‘moisture-wicking’ technology to help keep your feet dry.
7. Give your shoes a bath! Either put them in the washing machine or submerge them in a detergent bath for a gentler clean. Let them dry naturally.
8. Don’t wear the same trainers every day. Wearing the same footwear each day transfers decomposing bacteria onto your feet so it’s a good idea to alternate between shoes.

Smelly trainers

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