For years big-footed men have enjoyed a certain rumour about shoe size. Countless studies, however, have dispelled that myth. So does it really matter whether you wear size 17 shoes, size 6 shoes or something in-between? Well, according to scientists and surveys, it does:

Big feet can predict a growth spurt in teenagers. During puberty, the hands and feet enlarge before the long bones, so for many, one of the first indicators that rapid growth is about to begin is an increase in shoe size.

It can also show if you're a good sprinter but only if the length is in your toes. Relatively long toes compared to the rest of your foot puts a spring in your step when it comes to running fast. Sprinters have a stronger, more elastic push off with the toes. And long toes make the overall length of the foot bigger, which means longer contact with the ground, which is where the acceleration happens.size 17 shoes

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