I don’t wear size 16 shoes, but that’s ok with me. I know that size 16 shoes are worn by a lot of men. Some are tall and thin, some are small and round. Some might sit behind a desk, some have their size 16 shoes out in the air all day. Some might have a kick around in the park, some might prefer a long walk. These men might have nothing more in common than the fact they all wear size 16 shoes.

That’s actually not entirely true. I didn’t mean to lie, but there is something else that binds these heroes who wear size 16 shoes together. That something is Walktall. A company that exists just for men with large feet, men who wear size 16 shoes. A place to feel safe and comfort, but more importantly than that, a place of value and quality.

So while those of us who don’t have large feet, those of us who don’t wear size 16 shoes, who don’t belong to this elite band of brothers, have to settle for the generic and depressing shoe shops. Those men wearing size 16 shoes know there is a place for them, Walktall.

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