If you wear size 16 shoes you must be feeling pretty good about yourself? It doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall, fat or thin; if you wear size 16 shoes you know you are someone. You know you’ve made it. So aside from living in your palace, surrounded by beautiful women and fancy sports cars, what else is good about wearing size 16 shoes?

Well the first thing that comes to mind is that this makes you part of a pretty exclusive group, in fact in our 2014 sales, only 2.4% were size 16 shoes. That must make you pretty special. Then there’s the fact that wearing size 16 shoes means you have a higher IQ. Now that may not be an official fact, actually it may just have been made up but still, how cool!size 16 shoes Well actually the best thing about wearing size 16 shoes is that you get to shop at Walktall. We have one of the best ranges of size 16 shoes in the UK. Not only that but we have great price, great quality and great service all for you. So there you are, told you that you were lucky. Although we hate to stereotype we forgot the best one, if you wear size 16 shoes you may… also be a great swimmer.

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