If you need to buy size 16 shoes we know your choice is unfortunately a bit more limited than most. Here at Walktall we do our best to give you as many options, at the best price as we can to help you out. However that’s not the only choice we try to give you. You can buy your size 16 shoes on the internet, over the phone or in our shop. We even have a fax machine which seems very retro. The question is, which of these methods do you prefer as there are pro’s & cons for each.

The internet is quick, convenient and easy. How else can you buy size 16 shoes while in your underwear eating cereal we’ve even sorted it so it’s easy to browse on your mobile or tablet which means in theory you could buy size 16 shoes while on the toilet! If there is a problem with the internet it’s that you can’t directly see the product and check it fits properly. We do have an easy returns policy to do our best to combat this but I need to put a disadvantage down. Converse shoes
Or you can visit our shop where you can see our size 16 shoes and try them on. The big problem with our shop is we only have one and it’s in the middle of Somerset. Some people do travel from all over the UK to visit us which is great, but there are people who don’t want to put that much mileage on a new pair of size 16 shoes!

You could ring our order line as well; the biggest benefit is you get to speak to one of the lovely people in our contact centre. They know all about the size 16 shoes we have and can take you through the order smoothly and speedily. The problem is they aren’t available all the time so buying your size 16 shoes has to be done when they are there.

The upshot is that while each of these methods of ordering do have their pros and cons, by having all of them Walktall makes sure you can buy your size 16 shoes when and how you like, because we are nice like that.

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