If you are an owner of size 16 footwear then we know that it can be difficult to buy your shoes. This means you probably look after them better and take them more places than people with a smaller shoe size. So it could be that your size 16 footwear may be your best travelling companions. They tread the same ground you do so where ever you’ve been, your size 16 footwear has been there too.

Were they in the stands when your team won the league? Were they on the beach during your first holiday without your parents? Were they in the restaurant the first time you took your partner out? If you stop and think about how much your size 16 footwear has been and done, it might be surprising! It also might mean it’s time to stop and buy some new shoes.

At Walktall we are all about looking at the next step on the journey for your size 16 footwear. Need smart shoes for a wedding? We have those. Going to get fit? We have trainers and walking boots too. In fact whatever your next step our range of size 16 footwear will get you there.

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