If you are out buying your size 15 shoes, does it matter what music you are listening to while you’re doing it? Doesn’t just have to be size 15 shoes in fact, does music influence your choice at all while you are shopping? I don’t mean your own music either. I’m talking about the music played in shops that is normally either so loud you can’t hear yourself think, or so quiet that it’s nothing more than an annoying background noise in your ear you can’t quite hear.

So imagine you are now in a shop, does the gentle soothing sound of a string orchestra make you stop and calmly assess what you can afford? Does a bouncy pop song make you impulsively buy the first size 15 shoes you see and quickly leave the store with thoughts of Katy Perry in your head? Does an angry rapper make you feel annoyed you actually need shoes so you go and spend your money in the pub while getting wet socks due to the holes in your size 15 shoes?

Music may not influence what you buy but the style you buy. The romantic song you can hear may remind you of an ex, so you buy smart size 15 shoes and some nice new clothes, determined to win her back! Or does that weird dance tune make you think of your last holiday and the size 15 shoes go back on the shelf and its flip flops and a trip to the travel agents instead.

Luckily for you here at Walktall we have size 15 shoes to suit all kinds of music. In fact we normally just have the radio on so you could end up walking out with anything!

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