Well which items of your size 15 footwear collection have you been wearing over the last few months? In the great traditions of the British summer we’ve had some glorious sunny days, warm days, cold days, wet days. In fact sometimes we’ve had all of those conditions on the same day! This has made our size 15 footwear choices a little difficult. Not to mention annoying.Size 15 Footwear So where do we go with our footwear choices, wellington boots? Brilliant for the rain but if the sun comes out you are stuck, and wellington boots aren’t exactly the kind of size 15 footwear you can carry around with you. Canvas shoes? The same problem just the other way around! Some sturdy hiking boots? OK but not exactly the cool casual size 15 footwear you want to be wearing.

Unfortunately here at Walktall we can’t tell you what to put on, but we can give you size 15 footwear options to suit any weather. You might not know what to wear, but you’ll never be stuck for size 15 footwear to wear.

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