Is your size 15 footwear appropriate for the job you have? Maybe an even more important question to ask would be, is your size 15 footwear appropriate to the job you want? They say shoes maketh the man (that might not be an exact quote) and there is nowhere that is as true as it is at work. People above and below you will make up their minds based on your size 15 footwear.

It can be tough to get your work based size 15 footwear decisions correct. If you’re in an office you want to look smart but be comfortable. If you work outdoors you’ll need your size 15 footwear to be durable as well as keeping you warm and dry. If you need safety footwear you’re going to need proper safety wear that meets current regulations (and doesn’t look like something you’d wear with a biohazard suit).

So there is pressure to get it right. We all feel it. Luckily, for those of you who need size 15 footwear, there is a place you can go! That’s right, that place is Walktall! We have size 15 footwear suitable for all areas of work, from our own brand formal shoes to wellington boots. So if you are dressing to impress, get the finishing touches at Walktall.

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