Do your size 14 trainers need changing? It’s that awkward time of year. Rugby, football, hockey seasons are all coming to an end. It’s time to change up sports for the summer! Unfortunately the size 14 trainers you’ve been getting muddy all winter are now surplus to requirements. It is time for a change gentlemen.

So which summer sports do you need your size 14 trainers for? Maybe you’d like a spin at cricket? Perhaps you’d be ace at tennis? You might even want to dip your size 14 trainers in the water and try sailing? There are lots of opportunities to get yourself out there this summer and make the most of your new size 14 trainers.

We have a great range of size 14 trainers here at Walktall. Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re doing it we have size 14 trainers from the biggest brands just for you. They’ll give you that competitive edge and help you finish off the competition. So remember if you want to beat the best, buy from Walktall. Just remember where you got your size 14 trainers from when you’re famous.

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