Hi, I’m a size 14 trainer and I’ve had a very interesting journey to get on to your feet. It started back around 9 months before I was even made. The people at Walktall had to place an order for me and my friends. It’s a bit of science and a bit of a guess to know what size 14 trainers you will need in 9 months but they try their best, bless them. Once the orders are confirmed the factories then order all the materials that make me up. This includes leather, fabrics, eyelets, foot beds, laces and more. A lot goes in to your size 14 trainers you know!

The next step is being placed in my box, nice and comfortable in some tissue paper to help protect me. Then, along with the other size 14 trainers on the order, we are put in to a carton and sent to Walktall. Like most other size 14 trainers I come from overseas on a ship, although some Walktall shoes do come from the UK. Our lorry then arrives at the Walktall warehouse in Somerset where I’m taken from my carton and the friendly Walktall warehouse workers put me on a shelf with all the other size 14 trainers from all the other brands.

I’m then put up for sale on the internet, if I’m really lucky I’ll get my photograph taken and end up being one of the size 14 trainers in the Walktall mailing. The next part is really up to you as I expect you know. You decide you need size 14 trainers and get them by ordering from Walktall’s website or calling their customer service centre and all of a sudden I’m whisked of my shelf, put in a mailing bag and sent to your house. Then my adventure really begins!

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