Do you wear size 14 shoes? Do you know anything about the number 14? Don’t you think you should? If you wear size 14 shoes then the number 14 should be special to you. It’s a number that may bring you joy and frustration (although if you are shopping at Walktall it’s more likely to be joy) so you should stick your size 14 feet and their size 14 shoes on a table & read on to learn 4 great facts about 14.

14 is the number that follows 13 and preceding 15, so you may find that at some point you have had size 13 as well as size 14 shoes. If your feet are still growing you may even hit size 15!

14 is the atomic number of Silicon. Why is that important? Well, A) it’s great pub quiz answer, and B) Silicone can be used to reinforce rubber, so the chances are your size 14 shoes have Silicone in them*! How’s that for weird coincidences! *(if your shoes are rubber soled).

14 is the number of legs on a woodlouse! So next time you’re about to bring your size 14 shoes down on top of one, remember that you share this special number and let the little guy go free.

14 is the number of pieces the body of Osiris was torn into by his fratricidal brother Set. There’s not a real way to tie that one in to your size 14 shoes, I just think Ancient Egyptian history is cool.

Bonus Fact! 14 is also Walktall’s bestselling size and unless a footwear style goes up to a size 14 or above, we don’t buy it!

So there you go a few facts to make you feel a new kinship with the number 14. Also next time you want to show off in your size 14 shoes, you have some great facts to impress people with!

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