Are your favourite size 13 trainers soaking wet? Have you been caught in a downpour that you really didn’t expect in the middle of the summer? Let’s face it, there isn’t a lot more irritating than wet trainers, you can dry them but they are never quite the same. Apparently it’s about this time of year when lots of holidays abroad are booked (can’t imagine why) and our customers and their size 13 trainers disappear off to sunnier climates. Size 13 Trainers The question is which size 13 trainers do you take? Are you after something lightweight for the beach? Something well cushioned for a lot of walking? Are you the kind of person whose holiday may take a more adventurous turn and you need some size 13 trainers that can keep up with you? Well to be honest it doesn’t matter because Walktall has such a great range of size 13 trainers that we are confident you can find whatever you need, whenever you need it.

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