Calling all of you wearing size 13 trainers, the sun is shining! That’s right, that big yellow thing in the sky is the sun! That means that spring is coming and you need to make sure your size 13 trainers are up to the task, whatever that task might be. So grab your size 13 trainers from the cupboard ready for inspection.

First you have to sort out what you need your size 13 trainers for. Are you going for a nice long hike? Or just to chill in the park? Your size 13 trainers may have been fine for running in last year but do they still give you what you need. Can you still rely on your size 13 trainers to make you look good while chatting up the girls in town? Let’s face it, no one likes an outdated pair of size 13 trainers.size 13 trainers Once again though, Walktall has you covered. We stock size 13 trainers for all occasions and budgets. You can buy them online, over the phone or even at our warehouse shop in Somerset. So don’t worry we will put the ‘spring’ back into your size 13 trainer collection and make sure you’re putting your best size 13 trainer clad foot forward.

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