Have you felt the rush of potential when you pull on your size 13 trainers? If not you should, after all your trainers are one of the most versatile items you have in your wardrobe. Does it make a difference that it’s size 13 trainers you’re wearing? No, after all bigger is always better, especially in trainers.Size 13 trainersHow are your size 13 trainers versatile? Just have a quick think about it. Going for a kick about with the lads, stick on your size 13 trainers, going to the local for a quick pint, stick on your size 13 trainers, walking the dog, stick on your size 13 trainers. That’s just the tip of the iceberg in trainer related shenanigans. I don’t think I need to go on do I?

Now I do appreciate there are times when your size 13 trainers aren’t suitable. If you are going to do some serious hiking, you’re going to want the proper footwear. You may be in a job where size 13 trainers won’t cut it and you’ll need some size 13 formal shoes or some safety boots, and of course size 13 trainers on a rugby pitch are just a bad idea. Luckily for you though, Walktall has a great range of hiking boots, formal shoes, safety boots, rugby boots and much more. We even do a nice line in size 13 trainers.

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