Get those size 13 shoes out of the cupboard, it’s party time! That’s right the season of goodwill is here again and even if you are a hermit wearing size 13 shoes the rest of the year, you can’t get out of avoiding people now! So are your feet ready for all of the situations they are likely to get into this time of year? If you don’t know what we’re talking about then read on as you need to make sure your size 13 shoes can cope!

Don’t be scared but are your size 13 shoes prepared for; Christmas shopping, visiting your family, visiting your partner’s family, works Christmas party, New Year ’s Eve, all the other Christmas parties and a few drinks on Christmas Eve. Phew! Now that’s a lot of occasions where you’ll need your size 13 shoes to perform so you can get through the season without needing January and February off to recover.

Luckily here at Walktall we have all your size 13 shoe needs covered. One of our most popular sizes, we have a great range of high quality, great price, size 13 shoes that are suitable for every possible situation. For size 13 shoes great for partying, to size 13 shoes great for walking we think this holiday season will pass with your feet in great shape. It’s not just size 13 shoes though; we even have slippers if you get 5 minutes to sit down.

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