If you wear size 13 footwear then you would have enjoyed our previous look at other uses the number 13 has. If you’ve learnt something, then we are pleased to be a retailer that provides that little bit extra! Anyway if you liked the last one then you are going love this one. That’s right, you lucky wearers of size 13 footwear are getting another chance to expand your minds.

  • In all Germanic languages, 13 is the first compound number. Nice to have something in common with our size 13 footwear wearing friends in Deutschland

  • Famous American country singer and songwriter Johnny Cash first released his song called "Number Thirteen”. Now that’s a cool thing to have in common if you wear size 13 footwear! 

  • In the NFL: the number 13 was retired by the Miami Dolphins, for Hall of Famer Dan Marino. We don’t know a lot about the NFL, but we do know that Dan Marino was in the film Ace Ventura Pet Detective. A true classic.

MiamiThere you go, some more great facts about the number 13! Simple but again some great possible pub quiz winners there if you are lucky enough to get a category called the number 13, after all you wear size 13 footwear and everyone knows your shoe size is how they pick categories. If you don’t happen to win then at least you know you can buy your size 13 footwear at Walktall. That’s definitely lucky.

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