We all put on our size 12 trainers depending on the situation, might be an old pair for taking out the rubbish, they might be a high performance pair of size 12 trainers if you are out running, or a nice comfortable pair just for walking the dog. What if you looked at it the other way around? What if you put on your favourite pair of size 12 trainers and decided what you were going to do depending on what you were wearing?

For instance, take the high performance running size 12 trainers. Now you’ve just finished a 10k, that’s great, a real achievement, but would you then go out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate in your trainers? If you were walking the dog in your broken down size 12 trainers and you passed your mates playing football on the astro turf, would you join in?

Here at Walktall we like to think you can have the best of both worlds. We sell size 12 trainers from some of the world’s top brands. You can have performance, comfort and looks all at the click of a button. So don’t worry about making the hard choices when deciding which size 12 trainers you need, come to Walktall and make easy ones instead.

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