How much use do your size 12 trainers get over Christmas? No no, be honest now! We don’t mean just wearing them in front of the TV and putting size 12 trainers on to walk to the pub doesn’t actually mean you are exercising! Let’s face it, with all the drink, the roast turkey dinner, turkey sandwiches, turkey curry and more chocolate than you eat during the rest of the year, your size 12 trainers don’t get their intended use over the festive period.Size 12 trainers However there is something to be said for sticking on your size 12 trainers and getting out there. After days stuck inside with the family, it’s quite nice to get outside for a brisk walk, a run or even a game of 5-a-side with your mates. However, you need the right size 12 trainers to do that in. You need trainers that won’t let you down after all your indulgence, caring, quality size 12 trainers that won’t make you regret that last mince pie. So get down to Walktall and choose from our great range of size 12 trainers to work off the festivities. After all, it’s Christmas!

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