Are you lucky? Or more to the point are your size 12 trainers lucky? Maybe the question to ask is do you believe in luck? Many people don’t, to some it’s much more comforting to believe that training, skill, confidence and belief are what counts, not the invisible hand of fate deciding based on whether you wear your favourite size 12 trainers laced up or not because that’s how you won your last game.

Surprisingly though, it’s the professional sports men and women who do whatever it takes to make sure a winning streak continues. For example Serena Williams wears the same pair of socks through a whole tournament. It might be nicer if she just wore the same footwear, not sure if she wears size 12 trainers though. NFL player John Henderson has an assistant coach slap him in the face as hard as possible before a game. However, as he’s 6’7 and 350 pounds that isn’t a job I’d want. I also think he would wear bigger than a size 12 trainer.

Size 12 trainersLuckily here at Walktall we don’t worry about ladders, black cats or the number 13. We think you should buy your size 12 trainers based on our great choice and price. We’ll let the quality of our styles speak for itself. If you find us closed on Halloween, it’s just a coincidence.

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