Calling everyone needing size 12 shoes, Walktall is starting its new season which means we have a bucket load of great new size 12 shoes filling the shelves of our warehouse as you read this. Great colours, great styles and great prices from great brands are all here waiting to give your collection of size 12 shoes a facelift for spring.

In fact because we only stock size 12 shoes and above, those of you who wear size 12 shoes have the maximum choice in our range. Pretty much everything we do is available in size 12 shoes! We all know that while there are some size 12 shoes on the high street, the selection you can buy from Walktall means that you can get shoes for every occasion. Variety is the spice of life after all!Size 12 shoes In fact we don’t just sell size 12 shoes. All you need for beach days, pool days, nights out, work, sports and anything else you can think of is available at Walktall! As well as a great choice we do like to make it as easy as possible to buy your size 12 shoes. We have a great responsive website you can use at home or on the move, if you want to talk to someone, our call centre agents will happily take your order and we even have a shop if you want to see your shoes before you buy them! So come and get ready for summer at Walktall.

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