It is getting a lot easier to find size 17 trainers thanks to all the places online selling them. However, it isn’t always best to buy shoes online because you can never be sure you are getting the right fit. Even if you carefully measure your feet, it is impossible to calculate if your toe will hit the right spot or your arches are going to line up with the support. To get the right fit for your size 17 trainers, it is really important that you shop at an online shoe store which gives you options.

If you wear men’s size 17 trainers, then you have a 13 inch foot. Note that there isn’t too much of a difference from size 16 and size 18 shoes. Size 16 trainers are for feet measuring 12 11/16 inches and size 18 is for feet of 13 5/16 inches. It isn’t just the length that matters though. You also need to measure the width of your feet. For size 17 trainers, narrow (B or C) is considered 4 ½ inch across. Medium (D) is 4 7/8, Wide (2E) is 5 ¼, X-Wide (4E) is 5 5/8, and XX-Wide (6E) is 6 inches across.

When measuring your feet, always measure from big toe diagonally down to the center of your heel. To measure across, you need to draw a rectangle around your foot and measure the total width of the box.

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