In the past, if you wore size 16 shoes, there was almost no hope of you finding decent dress shoes. Sure, it was pretty easy to get athletic size 16 shoes because of all the basketball players with gargantuan feet out there. I distinctly remember a colleague of mine who would wear all-black special-order Nikes with a suit and tie because he couldn’t find dress shoes to fit his huge feet correctly. Now, it is a lot easier to find dressy size 16 shoes thanks to the internet.

When buying large sizes of dress shoes, it is really important to remember a few rules. First of all, dress shoes can fit A LOT differently than athletic shoes. It is really typically for dress shoes to have narrow or pointy toes unlikely that rounded toes of athletic shoes. Pointed toes actually reduce the shoe size so your size 16 shoes may feel more like size 14. Instead, look for dress shoes which have rounded toes. For large feet, it is really important to choose sleek shoes without extra bulk (such as laces or straps). A bit of elegant detailing is great but too much of it will make your size 16 shoes seem massive!

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