Once upon a time, you could only get size 16 shoes through special order. I have even heard many stories about children wearing adult’s shoes because they couldn’t find children’s size 9 shoes. Now, the internet has given us plus-sized shoe wearers a huge array of choices for footwear. A women’s size 12 and men’s size 14 is still the usual cutoff for shoes. However, there are plenty of stylish manufacturers now making size 16 shoes.

When it comes to athletic shoes, it is really easy to find size 16. Nike has been making size 16 shoes for a long time along with Adidas, Reebok and other top brands. For a casual day shoe, Polo, Piloti, and Burton are regularly making size 16 for their latest models. I was really excited to see that Gucci has been making size 16 stylish shoes for men and for women. When Gucci does something, a lot of other top designers follow suit so I’ve been able to find size 16 shoes from top designers. Winter footwear is much less of a problem know that Georgia, Weinbrenner, and Delman are making boots for our size 16 feet!

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