How many times have you ordered shoes off the internet only to find that they don’t fit? With shoes, it is really important to make sure you are getting a perfect fit for comfort which is why internet shopping isn’t always the best answer. However, if you wear larger sizes, like size 15 shoes, then it may be really difficult for you to find stylish shoes at stores. Even if you are able to find size 15 shoes at regular stores, you will probably have really limited style options and miss out on a lot of sales.

If you want to buy size 15 shoes online, you need to know that every brand is fitted slightly differently: the length is different, the arch support at a different point, and so forth. So, those Adidas size 12 shoes may fit perfectly but a size 11 DC shoe may be better. Before buying shoes online, hit up a bunch of stores and try on different brands of shoes (assuming that they have your size). Make a list of which brands were comfortable and what size you wear in that brand. Then, you can go online to find the brands you liked and in the corresponding size.

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