It is generally considered a positive attribute for men to have large feet. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel like big foot walking around in your size 15 boots! Finding boots to flatter any foot size is really difficult. Because practicality takes precedence over style with winter wear, most boots are really clunky looking. If you wear size 15 boots, then you may look like you’ve got bricks on your feet. Don’t worry though; there are still ways to make yourself look great even in size 15 boots.

If you have large feet, then you should always avoid wearing high tops. These will just make your feet seem larger and draw more attention downwards. However, with winter wear, sometime high tops are necessary. In this case, look for size 15 boots which are fitted at the ankle and up. Avoid those loose style of boots like uggs. You also want to avoid large sized boots which have big laces or thick straps near the ankle area. If the size 15 boots have any detailing or accents, they should be closer to the toe area.

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