If you are normally a size 14 shoes, than you’ve really got a hard task for you this winter: finding the right size boots. Unfortunately, when boot manufacturers list the sizing, they seem to forget that we usually wear thick socks with boots. That means people wearing size 14 might actually need to look for size 15 boots!

Most manufacturers do not make size 15 boots. Until recently, the cutoff in footwear was size 10. Now, because increasingly more people have larger feet, the cutoff is size 12 shoes. If you are lucky, you can find companies which make size 14 or size 15 boots. Thanks to the internet, this is now getting a lot easier.

Before you order shoes online, it is really important that you go to a shoe store and have your feet sized. You will also want to have your feet sized while barefoot and wearing your winter socks. A good pair of wool socks can add another ½ inch to your feet. This is the difference between a size 13 and a size 15 ½ men’s boot!

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