If you wear size 12 shoes, then you are in luck: more manufacturers than ever are making footwear up to size 12 shoes. Why? Because the average size for feet has actually increased over the years.

It is hard to tell exactly why our feet our growing. Maybe we have bigger feet because of increased nutrition and our nations are getting taller. Of course, people are also getting heavier, which means an increase in shoe size too. However, the fact may be that size 12 shoes were never actually that uncommon. We are finding out that many people, especially man, have actually been cramming their feet into small shoes for years. In many cases, people didn’t even realize that they were a size 12 shoes because they’d been stretching out their size 9s or 10s for so long!

Now that internet shopping is so readily available, it has become easier than ever to find size 12 shoes and other large sizes. So, there is no longer any reason for men to cram their toes into tiny footwear. You can even get a designer shoes in large sizes and there are lots of internet sites just for “plus-sized” feet.

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