We sell a wide variety of large size footwear at Walktall, need size 12 flip flops? Got you covered. After size 13 boat shoes? In stock. Want to buy some size 14 trainers? Name your brand. Size 15, 16, 17 are what we do; we even hit size 18 & 19! If you buy shoes in these sizes we think it makes you part of a pretty important group (certainly for us or we wouldn’t have a business).

Have you ever wondered where you fit in to that group though? Are you a fringe player on the outsizes or part of our mainstream middle? What do you think the most popular sizes we sell are? It’s something we obviously keep a close eye on, after all, selling out of your favourite size 14 trainers a week after getting them doesn’t do us any good at all!

Well to put you out of your misery, size 14 is the most popular size we sell, and by quite a large margin as well. Coming close enough to each other to place joint second are sizes 15 & 13, size 13 jumping up in the last couple of seasons to give 15 a good run. Sizes 16, 17, 18 and 19 then come 3rd - 6th respectively as you’d expect. Running in last place is size 12! Being the smallest size we have this might surprise you, however it’s also the size a lot of regular size retailers go up to (although we certainly think you get a better choice from Walktall). So be proud you wearers of size 14 trainers, you are the most popular.

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