Many of us wear orthotics as a treatment for a foot condition. They can be used to help high arches, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and leg length discrepancy. For orthotics to work effectively, podiatrists recommend that your large size shoes have the following features:

- Extra depth at the toes and the heel to allow the foot to fit comfortably into the shoe.
- An adjustable fastening to hold the foot securely in the shoe. Slip-on shoes are less suitable as they may press on the top of the foot when the orthotics are in place.
- Shoes with removable insoles have increased depth and are preferred by podiatrists when fitting orthotics.

It is best to break in your orthotics with a new pair of shoes that have not been broken down or stretched out. Properly fitting footwear is essential for the orthotic to work correctly. You should begin by wearing the inserts gradually, building up your wearing time daily until you can wear them comfortably all day.


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