We like the fact we have some smaller brands at Walktall, it helps put some really quality shoes out there that would struggle to get noticed otherwise. We also sell a lot of large global brands and that’s good to. Everyone knows loves a recognizable logo. It usually means a brand that looks good and has a quality you can trust, so we are pleased to have them available for our customers. However this does lead to the oft asked question, ‘why can I only get them in size 14 when I could get the size 15 trainers off an American website?’

It’s a question we often find ourselves asking our suppliers as well, often over and over again! The first thing to point out is that Walktall choses styles every season from suppliers. We may not take every shoe available. For example if it is something we know hasn’t worked before or we have several similar styles in the range we won’t always select it. However once we have picked a style, we will take every size available from a size UK 12 up. So when we sell up to a size 15 trainer, you know that it isn’t available in the UK above a size 15.

The main reason for this is that the way a lot of these large companies are set up mean their US operation is completely separate to their European one. US markets are perceived to have larger feet and different tastes to the European markets, and this is where we suffer as in the UK we tend to be more in line with the US than Europe. Unfortunately to change their distribution network to include the UK from the US would mean huge and costly set up and there just isn’t the market to cover it in the UK. So unfortunately for the moment your size 15 trainers will remain size 15 even though they are available in 17 from the States. All is not lost however, at Walktall we will continue to look for ways to solve this issue and to grow and improve the choice available to our customers.

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