With proper care, your large mens shoes should last you a long time. Following these simple tips will help prolong the durability of your leather and suede footwear and keep it looking good:


- Wipe over with a clean sponge and allow to dry naturally.
- Polish by applying a good quality, transparent neutral polish.
- Let the polish dry naturally and then buff off using gentle strokes with a soft cloth.


- Gently brush off and remove any loose dirt or mud.
- Wipe over lightly with a damp sponge and allow to dry naturally.
- Once dry, use gentle pressure with a suede or nubuck brush to restore the nap.
- Do not apply any cream or polish.
- For stains, wrap a piece of sticky tape around your finger (sticky side out) and lightly stroke it across the shoe. Brush up the nap as before.
- Spray shoes with a Scotchguard type product to help protect the shoe.

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Shoe Care

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