As well as looking great, big man shoes made from leather are durable, water-resistant, easy to clean and mould to your feet for maximum comfort. Genuine leather shoes and sandals also allow your feet to breathe and sweat to escape. This promotes a healthy environment within your footwear ensuring feet stay fresh and dry during the summer months. In turn, this helps prevent foot odour and athlete’s foot and keeps feet at a comfortable temperature.

Compared to other fabrics that can be difficult to clean, leather is easy to wash down with a damp cloth. Because the material is breathable, leather products aren't difficult to dry after they have been cleaned.

Shoes made from some synthetic fibres and fabrics can be damaging to the environment during the manufacturing process as they release harmful gases.  As leather is a natural material, no harmful chemicals are used to create it, making it eco-friendly.

POD Andre

POD Andre leather shoes are available from Walktall in sizes 12 - 15

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