Shopping for large shoes can be really frustrating. However, don’t break down and try to shove your feet into smaller size shoes! First of all, this can be incredibly bad for your health. Poorly-fitting shoes can destroy your posture and even warp the bones in your feet. It is common to get shin splints and calf pain from wearing the wrong shoe size – not to mention the blisters and overall discomfort. There is another reason that searching out large shoes fit for your feet is important: small shoes actually can make your feet look bigger.

Aside from the shopping issues, many people will buy smaller shoes sizes in order to make their feet seem smaller. Obviously, large shoes have proportional widths to the longer length. When you try to cram your feet into smaller sizes of shoes, then your large foot width is going to bunch out of the shoe. This gives a “fat foot” illusion. When you wear the proper large shoes size, then your foot won’t seem so large because everything is proportional. We can’t stress enough how important it is to get the proper size, where you wear small or large shoes!

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