Are you in a sports team? Do you wear large trainers? Do you feel self-conscious about it? Well don’t because I’ve had a thought and I think that it will make all of you performing amazing feats of athleticism in large trainers feel really good about yourself.

In a team who is the captain? Is it always the best player? The most skilled competitor? No it’s the person who is looked up to, the person who holds respect, the person who people listen to. In short, the person wearing large trainers! Now before you roll your eyes just think about it, large trainers subconsciously make people think of a large powerful person (whether that’s the case or not) this gives you an automatic advantage because in sports it’s often the case that power means the most influence.

Large size trainers also give an air of suggested manliness. Again just think about it, a pair of size 6 trainers sat next to large trainers in a size 14, honestly which pair gives of more of a sense of a stronger man? It’s the size 14 large trainers isn’t it? We can kid ourselves as much as we want but testosterone counts in a changing room. So there you are, that’s why if you wear large trainers you should be proud and be the team captain, if anyone argues tell them fake science off a retail website says so.

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