Sports shoes are probably the most important piece of fitness equipment you'll buy so it's vital to pick the right pair of large size shoes. There are big differences in the way various sports shoes support your feet. This means it's not good for your feet if you play football or tennis in the same trainers you use for running.

If you’re choosing shoes for running, it’s important that you get them fitted properly to suit your foot type. Too small and they can cause black toe nails and blisters.

When buying walking shoes, it’s important to remember that your feet can expand as much as half a size during the day so try shoes on in the afternoon or early evening when your feet are at their largest. For short walks in urban areas or easy countryside, all you need is a good, comfortable pair of shoes that won't cause blisters. Use tough shoes that are a good fit, with an arch support and "breathable" uppers, such as leather. Casual shoes or quality trainers with heavy soles will do. If you go walking regularly, you could invest in a pair of proper walking shoes or some lightweight walking boots. These will give your feet and ankles support and may be waterproof. If you’re walking over difficult terrain, good walking boots are essential.

If you play football, a good, well-fitting pair of boots is essential. There shouldn’t be any signs of pressure on the foot after a game or training session. Sports shoes for court games such as basketball and netball give a combination of flexibility and sideways support. Cross-trainers are stiffer, provide more support for side-to-side movements and can be used across a range of activities.

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