We know for many of you finding large size shoes can be difficult but where else does having to wear large size shoes cause a problem in your life? Does it make simple things harder? Do you wearers of large size shoes have issues with things that other people take for granted?

The most obvious place you may find an issue is anywhere you may temporarily need to swap your large size shoes for others, or even other types of footwear. Can you still go bowling, ice skating, diving? What a shame to think that because you wear large size shoes you might not get to partake in some of your favourite activities.

Large size shoes Well while Walktall can’t help with large size ice skates (we aren’t allowed sharp things), we can help by making your large size shoe shopping as painless as possible. In fact with the brands we have available, the customer service we offer and the fact we are really nice people, you won’t need to do your large size shoe shopping anywhere other than Walktall.

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