Feet are growing. You should not be ashamed of that. When people say "you have large shoes to fill," in most cases, they mean it literally.

Large shoes are typically hard to find, but that should not discourage you from looking for large shoes or encourage you to stuff your flattering feet into tight, uncomfortable trainers. The truth is, when you wear a pair of shoes that fit properly, your foot will look smaller and more appealing. There will be no rumpling and your shoe will not tilt awkwardly towards the ground. You will also avoid nasty corns, bunions or other foot trauma due to wearing too tight shoes.

The price tag of large shoes is a large one. Often, large shoes are more expensive because they are hard to find and hard for retailers to sell, however, thanks to the internet, there are several unconventional ways to score large, flattering, modern shoes. So the next time you are no the prowl for some large shoes but on a small budget, have a seat, take a load off your feet, and peruse the internet's millions of selections of large shoes.

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