Finding large shoes is always a problem for men and women, especially if you are trying to find size 13 shoes and up at a discount. The good thing to know is that a lot more designer companies are now making large shoes. It is common for department and finer stores to keep a few pairs of large shoes on stock, even if a customer rarely comes in asking for that size. By having the large shoes on hand, it helps the store keep up a positive customer service reputation.

The problem with buying large shoes from department stores is that they can be really expensive. However, you can usually get great deals on the unusual sized shoes if you are willing to purchase them out of season. When the new season’s shoes are coming in, department stores need to clear out their inventories and will put any remaining shoes on sale. The most popular styles of shoes usually sell out long before the end of the season. However, if you get lucky, you can usually find the large shoes still available and for a great discount. Still, luck is the keyword here and you are better off buying large shoe sizes online.

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