Have you ever been putting on your large mens shoes in the morning and started to wonder what kind of large mens shoes animals would wear if they could? I’m sure you have as it’s a perfectly normal thing to think. I expect we all have a certain view of what personalities animals would have based on various cartoons we’ve seen and I think that would extend to large mens shoes.

Lions of course are regal, so their large mens shoes are likely to be some high end formals. Something business like for the king of the jungle. As for elephants they are certainly going to need large mens shoes, emphasis on the large. Elephants would go for some tough safety boots. Cheetahs are easy, high performance running shoes of course. Camels would probably need some quality hiking boots, after all what other large mens shoes are going to get you across the desert.

This could go on and on but it probably shouldn’t. Safe to say if the entire crew of Noah’s Ark decided to visit Walktall, we’d have something for everyone, except the small animals, we only deal with the big beasts around here. So come and get your large men’s shoes from Walktall, before the lions figure out what they’re missing.

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