Well it doesn’t matter if you wear large man shoes or small girly trainers, winter is just a few days away now. That time of year where pretty lights go up and the amount of cash in your wallet goes rapidly down. More importantly it’s the time when the temperature drops and all that inconvenient rain turns into treacherous ice.

So the question is, do your large man shoes make you better suited to face the elements? Are your feet better suited to stand up against the cold weather? Well we certainly think that when it comes to sliding around like bambi on ice we’d rather be wearing large man shoes than small ones. Thinking about it having larger shoes must give you a more stable base than small ones.

As for all round protection we aren’t certain that large man shoes are better than smaller sizes. It's more to do with style, and to be honest making sure you are wearing shoes or boots and not sandals is as easy as it gets. Here at Walktall we have you covered whatever size or style of large man shoes you need, we even have sandals if you are getting a bit of winter sun.

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