We’ve covered who wears large man shoes in a variety of ways, we’ve covered which celebrities wear them, which types of regular people wear them, we’ve even covered which animals would wear large man shoes if they ever got the chance! However, we have forgotten a very important demographic of potential large man shoes wearers. Superheroes!

There are 100’s of superheroes so first I’m going to talk about those superheroes who may or may not need large man shoes. Now we can’t quite see Spiderman in a pair of large man shoes, and while Quicksilver must go through a lot of pairs, he probably doesn’t wear large man shoes either, Wolverine could do, but he isn’t very tall so the odds are against him.
Large man shoes There are heroes who would be on the edge of the large man shoe sizes we sell here at Walktall. We start at UK 12 so there is a good possibility that Captain America, Luke Cage and Deadpool all could get away with shopping for large man shoes at the lower end of our size scale. Let’s be honest, with so many name brands, great price and quality any self-respecting hero would shop at Walktall for large man shoes. Come to think of it I'm sure there is a Steve Rodgers on our mailing list.

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